History of Maryland Chapter “L”


The creation of MD”L” started over coffee in the winter of 2001, when Greg and Vicki Smith, Jan and Cindy Alleger were discussing how far they traveled to attend a G.W.R.R.A. gathering. Leaving at 4:30 am was a wee bit early for Jan and Cindy. Then Assistant District Director Greg approached Jan and asked if he was interested in forming a new Chapter. Jan was very receptive and since Greg and Vicki had been Chapter Directors of MD “E”, he felt they were in a position to be of value helping to organize a new chapter. Greg offered to be Jan’s Assistant Chapter Director until one could be found to take the position. When Greg and Vicki stepped down as Assistant District Directors and Jan and Cindy stepped down as Maryland Ambassadors, the Upper Eastern Shore Chapter was again discussed. Greg and Jan thought it would be good to have the Chapter located in Easton/Kent Island areas. Everyone agreed and got busy with the paperwork, sending out notices to members in the area, organizational meetings were held, finding a place to hold said meetings and so on… The MD District agreed if they showed an interest they could proceed. On June 9, 2002 MD”L” was born. We still had 3 months probation to meet G.W.R.R.A. qualifications for a Chapter. But, hey no problem, they had great support from their members. MD ” L”s first staff was Jan and Cindy as Chapter Directors, Greg and Vicki as Assistant Chapter Directors, Lee and Phyllis as Treasurers, Clarke Sewell as Educator and Bob and Debbie as Goodwill Ambassadors.


LT and Kim Blades secured the Queen Anne VFD in Queen Anne Maryland for the “Kick Off “ on August 11, 2002.  123 motorcycles and 202 people showed up to kick off the new MD”L” Chapter with great success. The town did not know what to make of all those motorcycles so they had the Town Commissioner check them out. They fed him along with everyone else who drove from near and far to attend. A great time was had by all!


Later it was decided to adopt the name “Old Line State Riders” since Maryland is known as The Old Line State. This is from the staunchness of Maryland troops and their early service to the American Revolution.


Greg and Vicki suggested Camp Fairlee Manor for a charity. They had been, for several years, gathering a group of friends and riding to Camp Fairlee Manor to show the residents the bikes and enjoying the questions asked by the campers. Camp Fairlee Manor is an Easter Seals Camp for special needs children and adults located in Chestertown. This organization was selected as their charity. It was said by one of the members “If they scratch our bikes this can be fixed, but they can not.”  Barb and Gene Walters suggested they ride to Caroline Nursing Home for their May event; it is always great to see the seniors. Dinner rides were planned, the holiday party came and so did The Blessing of the Bikes, and just plain fun of riding.


Then they had a newsletter to get out, letting everyone know the “HAPPENINGS NEAR AND FAR”. Cindy would be the Editor. She also tried to encourage others to contribute by starting “UP FRONT FROM THE REAR”, the co-riders view of what was taking place along the way. This was not always a funny side, but an inside look into what the co-rider may do or see.


Over the years things progressed. Bob and Debbie stepped up to take the Chapter Directors position in 2004 with the rest of the staff remaining. Jan and Cindy stayed on as the Assistant Chapter Directors; Kim Blades became the Newsletter Editor, Danny and Paulette Horton became Chapter Couple of The Year and the Fifty Foot Ice Cream Sunday social became our fundraiser. In 2006 the Salisbury Maryland Chapter folded and with MD-L being the only chapter on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the name “Eastern Shore Road Riders” was suggested and accepted.


2006 Danny and Paulette Horton became the chapter directors, Clark Sewell remained Rider Educator, Lee and Phyllis Stevens remained as Treasures and Bob and Debbie Lehmann became Couple of the Year. 2007 Donald and Vivian McClyment became our Newsletter Editors, Milton (Spanky) Barth became our Assistant Chapter Director. 2008 Milton (Spanky) Barth took over as Chapter Director and appointed Jerry Rollyson as Treasure (which ended a six year term for Lee and Phyllis Stevens), Danny and Paulette Horton as Couple of the Year, Donald and Vivian McClyment remained Newsletter Editors, Clark Sewell remained Rider Educator until he moved to Florida in 2011 which ended his nine year term. Bob Lehmann took over as Rider Educator to end the year. 2010 was the last year for Delaware Chapter B, the chapter was flourishing with all the positions filled and thirty to forty members at each gathering. No one wanted to take the position of Chapter Director and with Ken and Lois Ingram serving a six year tern and constantly telling the members if no one stepped up the chapter would close, and so it did, leaving MD-L the only chapter left on the shore. By the end of 2011 the chapter was failing, lack of new members and unwillingness of seasoned members to step up and fill needed positions the chapter was doomed. A letter was sent out explaining their demise, but to no avail. Danny Horton and Milton (Spanky) Barth met and discussed the situation. Not wanting to see the only GWRRA chapter left on the entire Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware collapse decided to do whatever was necessary to continue. 2012 Danny and Paulette Horton became Chapter Directors, Newsletter Editors, Web Masters, Rider Educator, and any other needed positions. Milton (Spanky) Barth became Treasure and whatever else was needed and so it continues.

2012 Danny and Paulette Horton continued as Chapter Directors, Newsletter Editors, Web Masters, Rider Educator, and any other needed positions. Milton (Spanky) Barth became Treasure and whatever else was needed Lee and Phyllis Stevens was honored as Chapter Couple of the Year,

2013 with no one stepping up and attendance going down due to members getting out of riding, age, health problems or whatever other reasons the positions remained the same for the exception of Couple of the Year. Danny and Spanky felt the need to try to hold the chapter active while trying to find new membership.

2014 With the want and need to keep the chapter alive making it the only chapter of Gold Wing Road Riders left on the entire Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware Spanky and Danny continued to remain in their positions for yet another year. Penny and Shelley Croyle became Chapter Couple of the Year.

         2015 With the addition of a few new members the chapter took on a new look. Milton (Spanky) Barth became Chapter Director (again), Paulette Horton became the Treasure, Jeff McCarter Rider Educator, George Fazio Webmaster and Newsletter Editor, Sally Graham Sunshine Lady, Bob Lehman Ride Coordinator and Richard Brown Membership Enhancement Coordinator. Danny was able to step down from any position and would act as a consultant (should they need one).

2016 Milton (Spanky) Barth remained Chapter Director, George & Kathy Fazio Asst. Chapter director and Couple of the Year Paulette Horton remained the Treasure, Jeff McCarter Rider Educator and District Asst. Rider Educator and Webmaster, George Fazio Newsletter Editor, Kathy Fazio Sunshine Lady, Ken Groves Membership Enhancement coordinator,

A year to remember, the chapter started out with awards given to us at Winterthing. Our chapter won 1st place mileage male by Hilton Thomas, 3rd place high mileage female by Paulette Horton, Top 10 High mileage chapter, 2nd place visitation and Maryland District Chapter of the Year. Another surprise came at the MD-B Fundraiser when we were announced NORTHEAST REGION B Chapter of the Year. Jeff McCarter was awarded Top Rider Educator of the Year

         2017 Jeff McCarter stepped up to take Chapter Director and District Asst. Rider Educator. Ken Groves as Asst. Chapter Director, Membership Enhancement Coordinator, Newsletter Editor. Sheila Groves became the Sunshine Lady, Paulette Horton remained the Treasure, Secretary, Chapter of the Year, Visitation and Mileage Coordinator. Danny Horton became Rider Educator and Webmaster, (again). Paulette and Danny Horton were chosen again to be Couple of the Year. Spanky (Milton Barth) will assist the chapter as the Consultant.

       2018 Jeff McCarter remained Chapter Director with Ken Groves as his assistant. The rest of the staff repeated 2017. We lost one of our founding fathers and he was the first MD-L chapter Director, Jan L. Alleger, He passed away peacefully on Saturday, August 11, 2018 Jan grew up in Chestertown, Md, and lived in the area until 2014, when he retired to Sun City Center, FL with his wife Cindy. He worked at Great Oak Landing for 36 years as an accountant. Jan loved fishing, bowling with his family, and motorcycle trips with his wife.

We lost another one of our founding fathers and he was an Asst. District Director, MD-E Chapter Director and Asst. Md-L Chapter Director Gregory C. Smith of Denton, MD, passed away at his home on Saturday, December 7, 2018. He was 72 years old.

     Born in Annapolis, MD on July 15, 1946, Mr. Smith was the son of the late Ellsworth Carroll Smith and Dorothy Estelle Britton Smith. He was a 1964 graduate of the Annapolis High School. Mr. Smith was a U.S. Air Force veteran and served in Vietnam. He and his family moved to Caroline County in 1978. He became a member of the Anne Arundel County Police Force, eventually joining the K-9 Unit. He retired in 1990, after which he worked for David A. Good Excavation and Towers Concrete for many years. He was a Past Master of Temple Lodge 128 A.F.&A.M and was a member of affiliated Masonic organizations, including Scottish Rite and Boumi Temple. He also belonged to American Legion Caroline Post 29. In addition, he was also an avid and well-known motorcyclist and was a life member of the G.W.R.R.A.


        2019 Jeff McCarter stepped aside to become District Rider Educator allowing Ken Groves to become our Chapter Director. Paulette and Danny became the MD./DE. District Directors so Paulette had to step down as treasurer due to conflicting interest. Spanky (Milton Barth) became treasurer, Danny remained as Ride Coordinator, Historian and Membership Enhancement Coordinator








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